Load Measuring and Monitoring

Monitor Systems Engineering and Measurement Technology Northwest work in partnership to provide a comprehensive and complete service in Load Monitoring and Load Measuring Equipment. As a combined strength, our team of experienced engineers can DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, SUPPLY, INSTALL and COMMISSION Load Monitoring and Load Measuring Equipment.

Monitor Systems Engineering designs and manufactures rugged, multi-channel winch line control, wireline monitoring and tensiometer instrumentation used in demanding commercial and oceanographic applications ranging across polar to tropical situations. Monitor Systems Engineering products are used to control and monitor speed, payout, and tension - both cable and chain - in single/multi winch systems used for equipment deployment, barge positioning, fixed-place mooring, drawbridge controls, and wherever accurate and reliable line control is required.

Monitor Systems Engineering provides a full sales, supply, installation and commissioning service for the load monitoring equipment. Our experienced technical, electronic and electrical engineering staff are fully conversant with the product range and have custom installed and commissioned units for a large number of clients throughout the world.


Case Study

Load Measuring and Monitoring

Overview: Transocean's GSF Galaxy ll is a harsh environment, deepwater Jack-Up drilling rig designed to accommodate 120 people. The Jack-Up drilling rig works in water depths up to 394 feet and drills to 30,000 feet.

Monitor Systems Engineering supplied, installed and commissioned a Four Winch Monitoring System consisting of four LCI-90i displays and four RL-20175K tensiometers designed to provide operators with visual indicators and alarms for winch line tension, speed, and payout parameters at local winch control panels and a central winch-monitoring computer. Both displays and tensiometers were calibrated to ABS certified standards.

The Winch Monitoring System was particularly favoured because of its ease of installation and dismantling. When the rig is on-site and in its jacked up position, the tensiometers can be quickly dismantled and stored away to provide a cleared operating space and safe storage for the equipment.


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Load Measuring Monitoring



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